AST: Ice Cream – What is it?


June 26th, 7pm
Decatur Square, 509 N McDonough St, Decatur, GA 30030, in person

We’re back! In person. And what better way to get started then with some ice cream?

We all scream for ice cream! But have you ever really thought about what it is? A liquid? A solid? A glass? Ice cream has more in common with toothpaste, froth, and glass than you might expect.

Join physicists Daniel Sussman and Michael Czajkowski for an exploration of the physics of disordered solids, and answers to the questions you never knew to ask about ice cream. ​We promise the only headache will come from the ice cream, not from the science. 

We are doing this in person. Get your ice cream (or other food of your choice) and then meet us at Decatur Square to dig into the ice cream and the science.

About our Speakers

Dr. Daniel Sussman is a professor in the Department of Physics at Emory University, studying the strange ways that disordered, biological, and other exotic states of matter shape themselves, resist forces, and transform over time. ​

Dr. Michael Czajkowski is a postdoctoral fellow at Georgia Tech studying the role of geometry in the response properties of soft materials both inside the body and those designed by humans such as origami.

Learn More

Check out this resource flyer from our friends at the Fulton Co Library.

Updated on June 11, 2021

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