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In Person Event Statement

Science for Georgia is emerging back out into the world. We wanted to share our in-person guidelines.  

We are a science organization, and we will act in accordance with the CDC guidance. As such, all in-person activities will operate under the following guidance (in addition to any guidelines mandated by the venue): 

Vaccinated individuals (those that are 14-days post second shot): 

Unvaccinated individuals: 

  • Outdoor events, it is recommended you practice social distancing and wear a mask if you cannot remain distant.  
  • Indoor events, it is recommended you stay home and attend online. If you attend, please practice social distancing and wear a mask. 

We will not ask you your vaccination status, we are counting on you to be honest. As always, regardless of vaccine status, if you don’t feel well, it’s just polite to stay home.  

Updated on August 26, 2021

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