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Science Tales & Trails: Intro to the GA General Assembly

Jan 15, 2022 – 12pm


This Virtual ST&T presentation will discuss how bills become laws, how the state budget is created, and how citizens can effectively engage with state and local governments. We also look at the various governmental structures that local jurisdictions can adopt. Finally, we learn about the current issues affecting Georgia, such as redistricting and voting. By knowing the inner workings of state and local governments, we learn how to effectively make change.

Yohanna White is a policy analyst with the Inland Center for Sustainable Development, a policy center housed within UC Riverside’s School of Public Policy. She holds a BS chemistry degree from UC San Diego and an MS chemistry degree from the University of Georgia. Yohanna combined her passions for science and public service by pursuing a career in public policy. Upon graduation, she interned with Science for Georgia, where she encouraged the public to engage in science issues and advocate for evidence-based science policies. Yohanna was also a part of the National Science Policy Network’s (NSPN) SciPol Scholars-in-Residence program, where she received intensive training in science policy. Her research interests include implementing equitable policies that address social challenges, such as housing affordability, climate resilience, immigration, and diversity in STEM careers.  


12:00pm – Begin Admission

12:10pm – Presentation

12:45 – Q&A

Updated on December 27, 2021

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